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"Loop Philosophy" wasRe: Electrix/IVL petition

     I'm sure that we all have our own "Loop Philosophy". Stuart, I don't 
think that your philosophy is strange at all. You've decided what works 
you and gone on to make music. That's what's important. For me, the real 
point to looping live is to create all of it on-the-fly. It may be 
loops (that you build from scratch every performance), structured improv, 
just born out of the moment. I do really like to transform loops though. 
favorite loop transformers are Reaktor3, CrusherX, and Spektral Delay. Up 
until now this has been something for the studio only. I just got a Laptop 
though, and I am looking forward to using this in live performance.
     In the studio, loops are great fodder for sound design. Some really 
interesting rhythmic sounds can been generated by processing loops far 
recognition. Drum loops are especially good for this. Synth tracks/loops 
a lot of fast pitch  and/or filter modulation are great too. I do prefer 
use loops that I have created myself though. I feel that even if the 
resultant sound/soundscape is totally unrecognizable from the original, 
musician who performed/programmed the loop being processed deserves credit 
for providing the sonic starting point/inspiration.
     Of course, everyone will have their own variant of loop philosophy. 
What's yours?

In a message dated 7/5/02 4:44:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
stuart@solostring.com writes:

> Its just the way that I play. I dont believe in adding effects to 
>  pre-recorded loops, or altering them in any way afterwards. Its a kind 
>  of personal philosophy that I have.... the music should be performed as 
>  it is played... If it cant be played live, then it should not be played 
>  at all. If I want to pitch shift, I route the violin through an effects 
>  unit prior to the loop being recorded.
>  I used to have the same philosophy when I used to session work in 
>  studios. If I had the authority to impose my rules, the entire vioin 
>  tracks had to be recorded from start to finish without any 
>  overdubs/drop-ins..... I feel like a cheat if I dont stick to this rule.
>  Yes... I am strange :)
>  --
>  Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project