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Re: looping tits on LD site??

  *laughing*  You go Kim!!!  -would love to see some hot male loopers!
lollollol!  I'm not at all opposed to nudity!, -just bad taste!   lol!  -I
do afterall, have some pics of myself on my own webpage, which are of
course, extremely tasteful!   lol!  



At 01:45 PM 7/17/02 -0700, you wrote:
>The LD site is back alive. It was out for the last few hours due to some 
>mysterious problem that crashed Apache. We're checking into that to make 
>sure it doesn't happen again.
>Meanwhile, sorry about that bulls-eye ad if it bothers you. (although 
>people click on that than most other ads, so I guess it doesn't bother 
>of you....)  It is kind of embarrassing to have stupid things like that 
>the site. That particular ad is basically one of several default ads from 
>an ad service that appears when I don't have someone paying for that 
>For some reason Electrix wasn't interested in renewing their ad campaign 
>and I haven't had time to find someone else, so we got half-naked ladies.
>That ad alone doesn't pay well enough to be worth it, so I'll pull it out 
>of rotation. Or, if there are any attractive male loopers out there, 
>feel free to send me half naked photos of yourselves and I'll include 
>in the rotation to balance things out. Maybe we can have a looper dating 
>service, or a hot talk line where people can call to have the looper of 
>their dreams talk to them about midi clocks and cable routing. For sure 
>Mark Sottilaro's hairy legs would rake in the bucks.
>At 06:28 AM 7/17/2002, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:
>>I'm not even getting THAT - loopers-delight.com times out from here,
>>attempts to attach to, and then just sits there, blank.  A
>>trace is indicative of delays but not just on the host's part...?
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