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Hello Fellow Loopists!

I've been away...

On July 7th, I was in a rather nasty bicycle accident.  I broke my clavicle
in two places; eight consecutive ribs in my back (all along my left side);
snapped-off several "transverse processes" (those little ears that stick 
on the sides of the vertebrae); and I had a hemothorax (collapsed lung).
And the spot I crashed in?  Filled with poison ivy!

Fortunately, my prognosis is good.  I probably will suffer no permanent
paralysis.  (ALWAYS wear a helmet!)  Everything (all arms, legs, fingers,
toes, neck, etc.) was functioning for several days immediately after the
accident.  Currently my left arm is non-functional but the docs believe 
is temporary due to internal swelling around my left clavicle.  It might
seem odd, but I'm definitely celebrating my good fortune.  If the impact 
occurred one inch closer, I'd have a damaged spinal cord.

Since I'll be off of work for a several weeks, I've re-subscribed with
another address.  So contact me at dennis@mail.worldserver.com instead of

For the next few weeks I'll probably read email rather erratically.  In the
meantime, I'll read the archives to catch-up.

BTW: My neurologist is an mbira-ist!  He showed me one of his instruments.
It's the finest mbira I've every seen.  One of those instruments that feels
alive when you play it!  (I think I'll eventually convince him to get a

Great to be back!  And looping!

Breathe the air.  Enjoy simple breathing as a kind of looping.  See your
family and friends and enjoy their company again.  It's a kind of loop as
well.  Revel in life, music, and love.  Perhaps they're all loops of a 

Dennis Leas