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Using the Behringer FCB1010 midi controller w/ echoplex

Title: Using the Behringer FCB1010 midi controller w/ echoplex
Hi Kim,

Thanks for trying to help. You have been most kind.

I am still having no luck, so I am posting this to this whole list like you suggested.

Can anyone on the list tell me how to set up the Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller to work with the echoplex? I can't get it to change anything at all on the echoplex.

I changed the note numbers like you suggested to what is below, but still nothing is working.

Here is how I set up the Behringer: (what note I
set the behringer to send for each)

I set the Global midi to ch #1

Footswitch #1 = record           note 8

Footswitch #2 = overdub          note 39

Footswitch #3 = reverse          note 49

Footswitch #4 = 1/2 speed        note 48

Footswitch #5 = substitute       note 46

Footswitch #6 = multiply         note 40

Footswitch #7 = insert           note 41

Footswitch #8 = mute             note 42

Footswitch #9 = undo             note 42

Footswitch #10 = next loop       note 44


Here is how I have the echoplex midi set up (is this correct?):

channel = *1

control source + not

source # = 36

vol cont = 7

feedback control = 1


Here is a link where you can download the fill Behringer FCB 1010 manual.


I still cannot get it to change anything at all on the echoplex.


> As another user explained to me, there is a calibration procedure needed
> for pedals that is explained on the Behringer website. (not in the manual
> apparently)

I went to the Behringer site but couldn't find this. Do you know exactly where this is explained?  Do you think this calibration thing could be the problem?


I searched the Loop archives for Behringer FCB1010 midi controller. All the posts I found talked about using it with the Repeater and none about how to set it up and use it with the echoplex.


Thanks for the links. I'd already searched through all the links you sent though and found nothing to help this particular problem. (I was up all night last night looking through them).

(some real good other info was there though)


Any other suggestions?

(I am going to join the list and see if anyone can help like you suggested.)


I have a suggestion for you.  Could you guys make a midi pedal just for the echoplex? You could have it set from the factory to to everything (in non erasable memory). Have how ever many banks you need to, set up from the factory to do all of the most useful things.

Then you could also have ways to create your own banks with custom settings as well.

I bet uou'd sell one to every one who has an echoplex.


Another suggestion. Seeing how the Behringer FCB1010 midi controller seems to be the only one you can find readily in stores right now, and it is only $129, it seems like a lot of echoplex users may get one. (assuming they work)

It makes no sense to suggest for people to try and find midi controllers that are no longer in production. (even if they are better)

There has to be a midi controller that is reasonably priced, readily available, and easy to set up and use with the echoplex.

As a midi controller greatly adds to what the echoplex can do, I think it would be worth your time to eventually put up detailed on how to set up the FCB1010 midi controller to work with the echoplex.


All the very best!