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Training video?

Hello happy world-loopers!

It's been a while (two years+) since I've been following this Delightful

Last weekend, I happened totally by chance on the Loop IV upgrade, and
promtly ordered one all my EDP's.  So I HAD to rejoin the list.

If this has been done already, please forgive my ignorance, but has a
training video ever been created?  If not, does Loop IV offer a
chance/reason to create one?  Or perhaps something that can be placed on a
website?  That Adrenalinn web-demo does a nice job of whetting one's
appetite!   A DVD (with it's Chapter divisions) would be awesome.

I'd pay $30-50 to see Andre, Kim or other looperphiles show me how to
maximaize my EDP use.

David Kirkdorffer