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Re: Y2K2 loop picts


I noticed that the pix are back up again (most of them anyway). 
Thanks for doing that for all of us. I bet it's the darned "&" in 
some of the file names that is messing up the few remaining links.

I might add that if anyone wants I can email hi-res JPEGs of specific 
images to whomever wants them. I can't e-mail all of them though.
It'd take too long. If you Y2K2 artists want copies of better resolution
versions of these things let me know. Pick out a few and I can try to 
send them. I've kept an archive.

Thanks again to  Rick, Pete and Linda for putting the event on,
and to Michael Klobuchar for taking most of the really "good" 
pictures, and to Mark Sottilaro for putting them up on the web. 
Wow! You guys are great!


Ted Killian