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Re: synchronizing 2 edps' to external clock

At 06:35 PM 7/30/2002, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>Yes - I saw the blinking lights (!)
>I'm going to have to reset both machines and start from scratch I guess.
>Question.  What should I set first:
>     1) edp brother/sync.
>     or
>     2) Slave to external

are you trying to run these as a stereo pair with midi clock in?

then set it up like this:
- connect the TRS cable between the BrotherSync jacks of each unit
- Connect midi out of clock source to midi in of master EDP
- Connect midi out of master EDP to midi in of slave EDP
- set Sync parameter to In

I guess you are still using LoopIII. (your LoopIV is in the mail.) Sync is 
easier with LoopIV, you might want to just jump right into that when you 
get it.


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