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Re: EDP MIDI parameter change question

that's pretty strange. Do you have the ControlSource parameter set to 
or Controllers? If it is "off" then program change messages are not 
received either.

otherwise I don't know why it wouldn't work. can you connect your 
controller to something like MidiOx and email me a text file of the midi 
program change commands it is sending?


At 04:13 AM 7/31/2002, Steve Sandberg wrote:
>hmm, well I guess you probably are also sending the program change 
>on the same midi channel the echoplex is set to, and the midi out of your
>controller is connected to the midi in of the edp. never hurts to check 
>Yes to both --
>are you sure your midi controller is really sending program change 
>and not something else? (does it work controlling other devices?)
>Yes, it works controlling other devices.
>if you have presets saved, when you send program change 1 you see "P 1" on
>the display, program change 2 is "P 2" etc. Does that happen?
>This happens when I change parameter sets from the front panel, but 
>nothing happens when I try to do it through MIDI.

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