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Re: Dummy Loads, Line Outs, and thangs like that

actually the better quality loads use a reactive impedance to emulate the 
reactive properties of speakers. The crappy ones use a purely resistive 
load, which would not sound as good for the reasons you mentioned.

I was looking into this a few years ago to get a line out of my simulclass 
2:90,  as well as be able to run the tubes into distortion without 
shattering the walls of my building. I never got around to actually 
one, but at the time I was favoring the THD hotplates. They have a variety 
of loads for different impedance power amp outs. There may be other 
now, I don't know.


At 06:26 PM 8/1/2002, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>The problem with what you're proposing is that part of what makes a tube 
>"warm" is the interaction with the load (speaker) and the tube amplifier
>stage.  The thing about a speaker is it's impedance rating is not fixed.  
>actually changes based on the frequency it's trying to reproduce and other
>factors.  Anyway, the interplay between how the speaker effects the amp 
>it's all about.  OK, well what some of it's about.  Transistors do not 
>in this way.
>Mark Sottilaro
>Doug Cox wrote:
> > Yes, I know.  However, if you'll notice the proposed signal path I
> > mentioned, it ends with two JC-120s, guitar amps with 12" speakers.

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