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Sony VAIO and laptop workstations in general

I'd shopping around for a new laptop that will be my
primary workstation.

right now I'd leaning towards a refurbished SONY VAIO

any opinions on this, insight as VAIO performance as a
workstation? i know dt has one on his gear list, but
does anyone else use a VAIO?

obviously i'm aware that performance is based on the
hardware in the computer, as opposed to the brand
name's on computers. i'm just open any
suggestions/thoughts on this one. 

can i run logic platinum on a laptop w/ a PIII 1.0
256+ megs of RAM, and be relatively assured of smooth
performance? what else do i REALLY need to take into

i don't feel like dealing with dell, their laptops
don't come w/ hard drives above 2400 rpm, to my
knowledge, and toshiba is way out of my price range
right now. (i start at oberlin in two weeks: $35,000 a
year, dude!)



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