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Oakland Looping Festival

Now that I have something resembling a free minute, I want to thank 
who came to and/or played at the Oakland Mini Looping Festival last 
I was pretty happy with how everything went, and plan on organizing more 
events like that in the future.

Last night I performed at a show where I was followed by a fantastic 
free-jazz ensemble (the Illuminated Orchestra). Even though free-jazz 
exactly my sack of cheese, I get all sorts of ideas for shows I'd like to 
when I witness it.

Last night I came up with the idea of a "Suitcase Ensemble". Each 
participant would bring what he/she could fit in a small (as in airline 
carry-on size) suitcase, but not pre-announce what they'd bring. That's it 
so far. No idea as to whether they'd play solo sets or together, or 
they'd switch suitcases before playing.


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