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Oops- Korn -was- Re: Nu Metal vs. Steve Vai vs. Santana

  Oops, subliminal perhaps...    lol!    Corn - Korn...  lol!...



  Teaching guitar for a living, I completely agree.  Very few students want
to play like Vai.  -but alot like Corn.  
  Regarding the loop discussion, I think when the looping process itself
becomes fashionable, it will sell more loopers.  -But since alot of pop is
focused on a front person, and a backing band, whatever the band does is
usually not paid as much attention, which is compounded by the use of
prerecorded tracks and sequences which isn't bad in my opinion, but if
people then regard everything as just something created in the studio, and
then played back, they certainly won't wonder about looping if it exists.
It needs to be visible, understandable, and approachable.  it's good for it
to be intriguing, but the music has to grab people.  have fire, make them
move, and yes, be sexy!   lol!  -it has to arouse their emotions.
--otherwise, why listen to it?...  This applys to any music.  it has to be
human.  -just my thoughts.  



At 01:13 PM 8/25/02 -0700, you wrote:
>you guys are driving me insane. The Korn reference was not about Korn 
>becoming loopers. It was a comparison example about 7-string guitars. 
>sells 7-string guitars a lot better than Steve Vai or George Van Eps, 
>because Korn is way more popular.
>At 12:11 AM 8/25/2002, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>>But which demographic would have the cash to blow on an EDP?  My guess 
>>that most of the younger crowd who listen to Korn aren't going to have a 
>>lot of extra cash to spend, (I didn't when I was 18, where as most of 
>>people who were/are into Vai and Santana probably have given up on the 
>>pipe dream that is being a rock star and have jobs that would give them 
>>the extra dough to get an EDP (IE: ME)
>Well, somebody pays for all the Korn albums and t-shirts and concert 
>tickets and 7-string guitars. Most likely it's mom and dad. The Korn 
>demographic is bored middle and upper-middle class teenagers. Maybe it 
>wasn't true for you, but where I came from parents spent giant amounts of 
>money on their kid's hobbies and interests, some of which included music 
>and therefore music gear. That's why 12-25 year olds are one of the two 
>major demographics for musical instrument makers.
>Besides, if kids aren't interested in looping today, they won't be later 
>when they have their mid-life crisis. That's the other major demographic. 
>Older professionals who have plenty of cash, but suddenly feel they want 
>reinvigorate their lives and relive their youth. Today that means 
>times spent in garage bands playing baby-boomer rock, but now with $5000 
>Les Pauls.
>no musical instrument maker targets poor musicians as customers. They 
>buy anything.
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