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Why the Repeater?

Mark Hamburg wrote:
"People keep saying that one should have both <a repeater and whatever>.

Not that I'm one to talk (because I'm having horrible problems with my midi
implementation using both a set of behringer midi footpedals and a Yamaha
WX-5 wind controller simultaneously to control my Repeater in concert), but
for all the people who want to do the 'one person band concept'  the
Repeater is the best tool that does this well, in my opinion (flame me not,
EDP owners..........giggle)

with four separate panable mono channels,the ability to pan them
independently and excellent fidelity
this machine can be a multi-instrumentalist's dream.

comparing the EDP and the Repeater is kind of like comparing a pedal steel
guitar and a state of the art acoustic guitar.  They both have incredible
similarities but are fundamentally different instruments designed for
different things.

As an effect, the ability to time stretch loops and retune them without
changing their length is extraordinarily cool.

As great as the EDP is (and I"m personally in awe of it's capabilities as
extremely little as I know about them) I think that
the Repeater is probably better suited for the more conventional
'band in a box' type musician.

A great artist like Andre LaFosse and Matthias Grob just couldn't do what
they do
with a Repeater but it is still an incredible leap forward from the
DL-4/Loopstation/Boomerang/Jamman paradigm.

Try it............hopefully, you'll like it.

Now, the trouble is finding one.

yours,  Rick