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Re: Santana no longer influential?!?! HORSE CHIPS!!!!!!

At 01:27 PM 8/25/2002, Chris Richards wrote:
>Maybe Carlos Santana
>(or Jerry Garcia, or Frank Zappa or any of a
>number of other musicians) don't have the same
>kind of mass influence they had 25-30 years ago,
>but don't tell me they didn't influence anyone
>during the last 20 years!!!  I can tell you're
>flat out wrong, even if I'm the only guitarist
>under the age of 30 to be influenced by these
>guys, you're still wrong!

another gem. if you're the only guitarist under 30 influenced by them, 
wouldn't that make me exactly right?

You already were influenced by this stuff, 20 years ago as you note. That 
event is completed. Done. Over. Last Century. Today, people are not 
listening to it anymore. Nobody new is being inspired to go become a 
musician by that stuff. In fact, I'm only a few years older than you, and 
don't remember anybody being interested in that stuff in the 80's or 90's 
either. It was more like Run DMC vs Metallica vs Depeche Mode in my 80's 

If we are interested in how looping can grow beyond a weird little niche, 
it has to become a part of popular music culture today. Not fossilized 
artifacts from 20 or 30 years ago. That means there must be good music 
a lot of people like listening to in the present, and which happens to be 
based on looping. Good, popular music will inspire people. Bad or strange 
music will not.


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