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CHECKING IN (Southern Oregon, USA)

Ahhh, bless you Rick! 

After all the silly stuff flying back and forth on the list for the past 
couple of days your suggestion comes like a breath of fresh air.

In a message dated 8/25/02 9:03:52 PM, GLOBAL@cruzio.com writes:

>1) where you live . . .

Medford, Oregon, USA

>2) where you would like to perform (a city or a region) . . .

West Coast -- anywhere from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA.

>3) whether you have the desire to perform in any other region . . .

I will perform anywhere within reason. My travel is limited to 
driving (mostly) but I prefer locations with access to a 
Starbucks (or equivalent coffee vendor) and good sushi.

>4) would you be willing to host a fellow looper or loopers 
>at a local venue (by producing the event yourself) if they 
>came in from out of town to play a show with you -- the 
>mini-looping festival approach . . .

Yes! This is a possibility. There is a Medford area brew pub 
with a small stage where a nonpaying performance could be 
easily arranged with only a couple weeks notice. My own
preference, however, is to rent a small hall in Ashland, OR
(nearby college town) and charge admission. I am actually
hoping to do this a little more often than I already have.
I find it much more pleasant to play and not have to compete
with shouting bartenders/patrons and roaring cappuccino 
machines, etc. This takes a month or two to arrange in 
advance though. I am already planning to do another gig
of this type in early May of 2003. It's also nice that, since 
the audience has paid, they tend to be more of the sort 
that really wants to HEAR what your doing. There are also
some Art galleries in Ashland and Jacksonville that may 
host something (in a pinch). Medford is not much of a 
destination. However it is right on Interstate 5 about 
halfway between the SF bay area and Portland/Seattle 
areas. It could make a nice "pitstop" for traveling loop
troubadours going on to bigger places.

>5) would you be willing to put a performer up at your 
>home during the length of their stay . . .

I'd be happy to put up performers for 2-3 days. I have a 
family (wife and 3 kids) and a smoke-free home with plenty
of extra air-mattresses. We like company. Crater Lake
is only an hour away up in the mountains -- a scenic
marvel that everyone should see at least once.

Okay there's my "CHECK IN". 

Thanks again Rick for thinking of this.


Ted Killian