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action plan

Basically we agreed on some important things that have been said 
about what we want and need so this comunity grows healthy. Since its 
spread in so much text, I try to conclude here (sorry, if its 
somewhat subjective, naturally):

Although a lot of time passed and lot of efforts have been done, the 
public and the most musicians are not much aware yet of what live 
looping means, or what it really means.
- thats sad for us, because
   - we dont get the respect we deserve for our art form
   - tecnical development is inhibited:
     - we keep loosing good tools because the market is too small 
(JamMan, Repeater)
     - there is a lack of a low cost tool that does as much as such HW 
     - the existing tools need improvement but
       - there was not enough economical success to support that
       - the functions available are rather bigger that the users 
capacity to use them

We need to inform people and ideally make those happy who would want 
to experience what we do but dont know about it - by:
- supporting musicians that make a pleasent music
- teaching musicians about the tools and possible musical forms so they
   - by videos, possibly by several artists explaining their approach
   - workshops
   - collect all usefull information sent to this list and organize it 
on the site
   - make the Loopers Of the World catalog attractive for booking agencies
- teaching the public about it and how to follow such a creation
- creating a looppool where events this art form are documented and 
- creating a sticker saying "I am so loopie, be my groopie" with 
spirals on tits ;-)

for this we need a colective effort of this comunity with the 
industry that creates the tools and the media. Money, work, 
information and ideas have to flow and be shared and divided justly 
amongst the most competent and involved people. Somebody may have to 
coordenate things... or not, lets see...

We need to be aware that it probably takes another while.

... and it will be fun!

Feel free to fill in more lines :-O
but please not so heavy discussions, none of us is totally right 
anyway, we rather need positive input...


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org