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Re: Pattern Sequencers

  This is my plan as well, for the upcomming show in San Jose, in Oct.  -so
we'll see if my set-up comes together enough for it.  <smile>  I'm excited
about combining sequences, and live, and prerecorded sequenced loops at the
same time.  



At 09:03 PM 8/27/02 EDT, you wrote:
>>I've never done it, but my MC-307 would probably work well if you just
>>down the click track.
>huh? dude:
>you haven't sequenced a repeater loop/loops w/a 'pattern sequencer' (drum 
>machine, etc), yet? i'm (technologically) shocked!
>anyways..... it's quite a bit of fun-ctional. certainly, one of my first
>abiding) uses of the repeater.
>dt / s-c


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