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> Från: Rick Walker/Loop.pooL [mailto:GLOBAL@cruzio.com] 

Hi list,

Great initiative, Rick! Geographically I may be located a bit off side
compared to the list norm, but I'm definitely in if something shows up.
> 1)where you live
Stockholm, Capitol of Sweden.

> 2)where you would like to perform (a city or a region)
Wherever I can transport my body and instruments.

> 4)  would you be willing to host a fellow looper or loopers 
> at a local venue (by producing the event yourself) if they 
> came in from out of town to play a
> show with you-----   the mini-looping festival approach.

Almost exactly what I have in mind for the spring/summer 2003. Just
starting out making contacts with the existing Swedish festivals now.
Don't know yet if it will end up in "a gig", "a tour", "a festival" or
"a touring festival". However, my goal is not to produce any events
myself, but rather to hook up with the existing festivals and clubs.
Then I'll do the media round-up to get coverage of the concerts.

> 5)  would you be willing to put a performer up at your home 

Best wishes

Per Boysen

Phone  +46 (0)8 341181
Mobile +46 (0)70 4416713