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Re: Fwd: behringer midi-foot controller

> Hey,
>     I recently purchased the behringer FCB1010, because I own the 
>  behringer blue devil, so i figured the set-up would go pretty easy.  
>  unfortunately, i don't know anything about midi, and i thought the 
>  instructions would be much more simple, so i can't figure out how to 
>  use this equipment i now own.  can you explain it to me?

Hi Nic,
  That sure is a big question ;-)

the Manual is your friend, and hey you've got two of them!
You need to go through the FCB1010 manual, all the way through,
just getting an idea what's in there. It has some general stuff about MIDI
on page 16 onwards, don't worry if you don't understand everything, it's
not actually explained that well, but read it through just to get an idea.

Then go to your blue devil manual and find the section on MIDI, that
will tell you what commands you need to send from the FCB1010.
(leave it open at the correct page)

Final stage is to program the FCB1010, so its
back to the first manual again.
Just start at page 8 
........and stick with it.

If you really get stuck you can always ask again.

andy butler