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Re: Roland PK-5 as Echoplex Controller


Thanks for the tip!  That might be just the ticket.  Please let us know 
it works for you.


At 22:35 30/08/2002, you wrote:
>Shake off those dark thoughts with gear acquisition!  I just got these 
>bass pedals (used, on eBay) to use for a variety of live performance
>situations (I gotta get a gig!) but especially for live looping, and I 
>good news for Echoplex Digital Pro users.  It's possible to program an
>octave of note on/offs on their "sound effects" bank on any MIDI channel, 
>addition to the octave of mono bass and polyphonic bass and also drum 
>(one ROM, one RAM), each bank selectable with a dedicated switch.  So with
>thirteen notes, you can control all the front panel functions and any of 
>DirectMIDI stuff you like.  There is also the ability to send Program
>changes on any channel and two banks of control changes (one ROM, one 
>so you could control volume and feedback as well as sending CC6 for data
>wheel stuff (it just sends a value on a given CC--so this isn't real
>I love my PMC-10, but they make crappy bass pedals, so I was please to 
>out just how programmable this unit was (comes with typically cryptic 
>Engrish manual).  It can be powered by batteries as well as AC and, yes,
>it's velocity sensitive!
>Here's some links for more info:
>Best news of all, it's still in production . . .