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Re: Looping alive in LA

> Actually a lot of that show was using Replace in an UNquantized manner,
>  but executing it rhythmically - "riding bareback," so to speak.

Yes, it's actually easier unquantised.
I was just guessing at what you might be doing.

>  But
>  there was certainly some 8th-quantization towards the end of the set.


>  > That's a new thing in Loop4, intended to allow a connection
>  > between the far out glitchy stuff  and the more straightforward type
>  > of looping.
>  Just out of curiosity, here: am I to understand from your comment that
>  one of the specific ideas behind 8th-quantization was to harness the
>  glitch stuff into a more overly rhythmic fashion?  And am I correct in
>  assuming that you were the main guy who brought 8th-quant to the table?

Well one chain of events is that I suggested 8th Quantise to Matthias and
he programmed it in a couple of hours.
(then came the debugging)
...but I don't know if the idea had been brought up before.

The main reason for 8th Quant was to allow a way to divide the
loop time accuratly. Something that David Torn had long been asking
I also thought about how 8th Quant could be used with Replace(+Substitute)
to produce glitchy stuff within a rhythmic framework. A bit like using
v.small loops with Quant=CYC and then using Insert, but allows you
to keep the same time sig as defined by 8th/cycle.

The way that a short press of Replace (and some other SUS functions) works
with Quantise was specifically aimed at making it very easy to replace a 
beat. (just one tap, then EDP waits for the quant point, and just does one 
8th/cycle, (or Cycle, or Loop depending on Quant).
..and as that idea fixed a bug , Matthias made it happen.

So 8th Quant gives you rhythmic glitchy.

Also 8th Quant makes it easier to set up a polyrhythmic relationship
to an incoming MIDI clock or brothersync.
I was particularly pleased to make a loop a fifth of the length of
the beat I had going on the other plex.

andy butler