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Re: Andys music (was: Looping alive in LA)

>Matthias - you're back with us!!! I was beginning to wonder if you'd got
>lost on the way home, and they'd only sent your bags to Brazil... :o)
>Great to meet you when you were over, hope to see you again soon, my 

Yes, I arrived with all bags and no problem. I had some minor battles 
against tropical effects in the house, but I am catching up.
Pinaple are very good now and down to 30p and the beach was packed on 

A pitty we could not play, I think it would work. I keep listening to 
your CDs... just wonderfull... was great to see you play, so smooth, 
one with the instrument...

I loved the talk about education and purpose of music, too, something 
to continue here?

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