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Re: a few canya's

At 07:11 PM 9/11/2002, Kirkland Mack wrote:
>Hi folks, I'm new here.

hi, and welcome!

>I'm an inch away from buying an EDP but I want to know if certain things 
>have in mind are possible with it. Canya record a loop silently and begin 
>playback later?

yes. for example, one method is by ending the Record with the Mute button. 
The loop goes immediately into Mute. You can then trigger it later to 
from the beginning and continue playing, or unmute it from wherever it 
would have been, trigger stutters with it, etc.

>Canya record a set of loops and cycle through them in any order you want?

yes. If you don't use MIDI, you do this by using what is called 
SwitchQuantize. With SwitchQuantize on the loop doesn't change immediately 
when you press NextLoop. You can select which loop to go to next and then 
it will switch to there.

If you use MIDI, you can just directly trigger any loop you want. This can 
either be instantly triggered like a sampler, or Quantized so that it 
for the current loop to finish and then switches.

>How does it perform plugged into the front of a tube amp? Gracias.

I suppose it's fine, I've had a couple in my guitar rack in between a 
triaxis and simulclass 2:90 for years. The downside is that guitar amps 
designed to make one guitar sound good. Trying to play multiple layers of 
guitar loops plus your direct guitar sound into most guitar amps can 
sometimes sound like mush. that's nothing to do with the EDP, just the 
nature of guitar amps, and it depends highly on the amp and what kind of 
loops you make. Some amps will be really clean and do ok, others won't. 
This is why a lot of guitar loopers end up using direct boxes and 
their loop output into PA systems that can cleanly reproduce the loop 
layers. Also, a lot of older tube amps have wildly varying ideas of what 
levels should be used in an effects loop, which can be a problem with any 
gear. An amp with a more standard line out effect send/return is good.

If you are a true guitar tube amp tone purist, you won't put anything 
than the guitar in front of the tube amp. The guitar pickups loaded by the 
tube preamp input is part of that sound. Anything in the middle and you're 
a wanker. :-)

However, the EDP does have a high-impedance front end designed with 
in mind, as well as line-level stuff. So if you aren't a tube amp nut, it 
sounds fine to plug a guitar directly into it.


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