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Re: Feedback Pedal

i connect my fv-50L with a ono cable to the feedback jack and it works fine
i also use out 1
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Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 3:49 PM
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> At 8:23 AM -0500 9/16/02, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
> >I have connected a BOSS FV-50L pedal with a mono cable coming from Out 1
> >to the Feedback jack on my EDP.  For some reason, I don't seem to get
> >any response or control of Feedback.  Is there some other configuration
> >item that I am missing?  Is this not a good choice for a pedal?  What am
> >I doing wrong?
> You are not connecting the pedal properly. You either have to use an
> expression pedal, the kind with an attached TRS cable, or you have to
> use an "insert" cable with your FV-50L.
> One end of the insert cable has a TRS (stereo) plug and the other end
> has a pair of mono plugs. Plug the TRS end into the feedback jack and
> plug the mono ends into the input and output jacks on the pedal.
> To understand why this works, and why using a mono cable doesn't
> work, you must know that the feedback jack supplies a DC voltage to
> the ring of the plug that is plugged into it, and this voltage is
> scaled by the potentiometer in the pedal and then returned to the tip
> of the plug. You need to use a cable that will feed the signal from
> the ring through the pot and back to the tip. A mono cable won't do
> that.
> You can also build a cable with an assortment of adapters, but this
> will be less reliable.
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