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Re: MiniDisc for field recording

I know it is a tad bigger and a tad more expensive,
but the Roland BR532 4 track will give you field
recording, has an XLR mic input, and lets you
overdub 4 tracks along with 24 virtual tracks.
And there are no moving parts so it is great
for silent recording without the whir of a hard drive.
And...  there is software for the Mac and PC to
transfer files to and from the smart media it records to.
It all depends on how stealthy you need to be.

Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> Hey kids,
> After seeing Matt D's amazing found object set, my wife started talking
> about using field recordings in her music.  I figure a MD
> player/recorder would be the way to go, but which one?  What's the best
> model currently made?  Do they all have mic inputs?  CNET didn't seem
> to mention this feature on any of them.  A recommendation for a decent
> stereo mic would be useful too.
> thanks,
> Mark Sottilaro