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Re: hardware sequencers

  You can program midi messages with the MMT-8, but it's not necessarily
the easiest and most intuitive process in the world.   lol!   I certainly
wouldn't want to try it live.   
  I use the MC-505 which is neither small nor simple, but is incredibly
intuitive and powerful, with many  live-oriented features including the
ability to go in and out of record mode on the fly while playing a sequence
live.  I just used this feature the other day during a rehearsal to develop
a loop by changing it's pitch with a sequenced pattern which I recorded
live as a developing midi loop, to create a very cool groove.  It's way
awesome!   <smile>  
  anyway, I can't recomend this high enough, since though it's quite
complex, it's also extremely easy to use once you understand it's
architecture.  It's alot more than a sequencer, but the sequencer section
is very friendly.  

  Have a nice day!...   



At 04:12 PM 9/24/02 +0100, you wrote:
>> hi everybody - i'm looking for some advice
>> i'd like to use a small hardware sequencer to control my Repeater
>> it must be able to output Program Change and Control Change messages,
>> which i'd like to be able to program in as a sequence and then loop
>> i've seen the Alesis MMT-8, but it doesn't look as if you can program 
>> info into it - only record MIDI from another source - and i had a look 
>> the Peavey PC-1600, but it's a bit big and complicated for what i need.
>> anybody have any other suggestions?
>> many thanks
>> sim
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