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RE: Unidentified sub actually MIDI peds actually unidentified subject

> I suspect you are loosing your time here. Andy Butler is of the kind 
>  that sees all options and solutions 

except when he loses his car keys

>  Unfortunately there is no AntiTime yet, no Earlyzation... no soft 
>  tool that does something just before you press a knob ;-)

actually there is 

quote from "Consciousness Explained"  by Daniel C Dennett
"A remarkable experiment by neurosurgeon W.Grey Walter....
with patients in whose motor cortex he had implanted electrodes"

the patients were given a a button to press, and a series of slides to 
They were told that the button advanced the slides, but actually
the switch was a dummy, and the changeover from one slide to another
was triggered by the brain electrode

the patients:
"..were startled by the effect, because it seemed to them as if the 
slide projector was anticipating their decisions. They reported that 
just as they were 'about to' push the button, but before they had actually 
to do so, the projector would advance the slide - and they would find 
themselves pressing the button with the worry that it was going to advance 
the slide twice."

andy butler