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Re: Unidentified subject!

i use the allaccess and i have to disagree.
if you are looping an acoustic instrument using a microphone,
the switch sound can bleed into the loop.
also i find the resistance of the buttons (~4lbs activation force) to 
effect my timing.
i haven't finished getting my looping rig together,
but i am currently using a separate footswitch for the edp.

the allaccess is the best midi pedal i have used, but i could definitely 
improve it.
i've even been thinking about taking on the midi footswitch design problem 
though i'm currently thinking a dumb pedal into a rackmount computer might 
be best...

it is interesting how the activation force problem is related to the 
walter experiment described by andy butler in this thread.
the time between brain telling foot to step and the button actually being 
goes up a bit.  trap set players have to deal with this with the kick pedal
and with drum/cymbal selection when improvising.
usually, they are able to build it into muscle memory so they aren't 
"i am going to want a kick drum 40ms from now, so i better start 

i imagine it is possible to get used to the activation time of the 4lb 
then when you use a quicker interface, your brain may tell you it is 

> -also how lowd are the switches how's the precision of critical presses 
> End record or mute multiply
> i'm assuming these are two seperate questions...not loud at all.  even at
> "bedroom" levels, i can't hear them.  if i end a record out of time, it's
> because i'm clumsy, not because of the all access.  the buttons are 
> resistant (not like the edp footcontroller), but once you're used to 
> it's no problem.
> -jim