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Re: Plugzilla-Any looping potential here?

I think i read somewhere on their site that the processor could handle up
to 16 high-quality reverbs or something like that.  I guess they just
limit it to 8 to have some headroom and/or to save some processing for
routing, latency, and other such things...


On Sun, 13 Oct 2002 14:01:49 -0700, "Mark Sottilaro"
<sine@zerocrossing.net> said:
> How do they make the "eight at a time" determination?  Don't different  
> plug ins use different amounts of processor cycles?  I can't imagine  
> having 8 heavy duty reverb plug ins going at once (not that anyone  
> would, but you know what I mean) unless it's really got a ton of  
> processing power... which I guess it should for $3K.
> Mark

ernesto schnack