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Re: only a A part?

On Saturday, October 12, 2002, at 07:33  PM, Andre LaFosse wrote:
> I didn't take it that way, although your suggesting that people who 
> play
> composed looping tunes are "trying to get away with not having to deal
> with not having a band" seems a bit judgemental to me.  Especially
> coming from a guy who drags a drum machine to his gigs, dude!  ;)

I feel my relationship with my drum machine is more like a master/robot 
thing.  Think R2D2 with some funk.

> My tongue was (and is) somewhat planted in cheek with that comment.  
> But
> it's true that I believe there's still a lot of preconceptions haunting
> the technique, and my feeling is based on opinions I've seen on this
> list and elsewhere.  Some of these preconceptions include:
> looping = geeky
> looping = ambient
> looping = drones
mmmm drones
> looping = avant-garde
nice if you can get it
> looping = improvisational
> looping = "new music"
> looping = fundamentally non-mainstream
see: usually not paid to play
> looping = highly repetitive music
> looping = post-prog rock Frippertronic Soundscapes
We are held responsible for our actions, whether intentional or not
> looping = a specific musical result, rather than a technical starting 
> point
Damn I've lost my start point again!

> I tend to be such an annoying chest-beating moron

You said it, not me. (sentences quoted out of context are funny!)
>> I find no humor in your words and challenge you!  Pistols at sunrise!
> I'd prefer the Dead Kennedys at midnight, personally... ;)
> Touche!

Ah, I'm going to call the whole thing off.  I'm tired!

Mark Sottilaro