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RE: ems and so forth

Title: RE: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V02 #732
>>That was a Synthi 100. What a shame they binned it - I would have taken it off their hands. The BBC had the first one made and I had the privelage of being taught on serial no 02 while studying electronic music. Serial no 02 still works!
I also listen to Indian music<<
curiously, something looking remarkably similar to the delaware (named for the road where the bbc built the maida vale studios in a converted ice-rink) has turned up in the hands of music control, of alsager, staffs. they renovate and sell synths and will even undertake to source gear on demand, presumably by cold-calling known owners. so I wonder if it's the same machine? there can't have been many 100's made..... where is 02 then?
the radiophonic workshop's two commercial releases have just re-appeared on cd, without too much fuss or repackaging, and are still a good insight into institutionalised creativity. they were birted in 1997, though many of the "composers" still turn up on bbc shows.
I went to see trilok gurtu a few months ago; found it all a bit bland after a few numbers, like sainsbury's curries......
I guess I'm too locked in to western tonalities, intervals and rhythms vs cacaphonous pure noise to appreciate what he was doing, which was somewhere in between. evelyn glennie was more entertaining in the same concert-series. I can't believe she's deaf- I'm sort of hoping that one day it all turns out to be a hoax, like milli vanilli......


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