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Re: ems and so forth

Title: RE: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V02 #732
>I went to see trilok gurtu a few months ago; found it all a bit bland after a few numbers, like sainsbury's curries......
>I guess I'm too locked in to western tonalities, intervals and rhythms vs cacophonous pure noise to appreciate what he was doing, which was >somewhere in between. evelyn glennie was more entertaining in the same concert-series. I can't believe she's deaf- I'm sort of hoping that one >day it all turns out to be a hoax, like milli vanilli......
Hi Duncan, hi group
In the drumming world, Trilok Gurtu is something approaching a deity.  There are many reasons for this, mostly technical, some aesthetic, his 4-limb independence is outrageous.  Part of the reason his appeal is so widespread is that he manages to keep feet in both the western and Asian camps.  Maybe it's a drum nerdy thing but I find him a real jaw-dropper and he certainly was inspirational/influential in defining at least part of my musical directions. LOL on the Sainsbury's Curries comment, believe me he's about as hot as they come on the Indian fusion thing but It's not everybody's cup of tea.  If tradition and authenticity are your things then maybe he's not for you.
I wonder if you saw Evelyn's 'Shadow' performance, where the majority of the show is improvised.  I was fortunate enough to participate briefly in that performance in Belfast 6-8 weeks ago (with Steve Hackett & Philip Smyth (Piano)) which was fun.  We worked quite closely with Evelyn to devise our piece ( I was playing with a band called Different Drums of Ireland) and I can confirm that yes she is profoundly deaf, this doesn't mean stone deaf but she has maybe 5-10% of her hearing ability, apparently it all sounds like undifferentiated mush.  After working with her for maybe 10 minutes, that fact went totally out of our minds and we discussed and interacted almost as any of us would under normal circumstances.  She's very nice to work with, works really hard, even packs and schleps some of her own gear.  Her entourage would drive me nuts tho, she must have the patience of a saint.
I listen to Indian music, I have some involvement in the bhangra scene through the Dhol Foundation and I play Punjabi dhol but daren't even start tablas, I only have half a lifetime left. :) check out a wee promo thing I worked on over the summer  www.dholfoundation.com/video/tdf_epk.rm (fast connection) or www.dholfoundation.com/video/tdf_epk.wmv (56k)
Hey,  Milli Vanilli were visionaries :) LOL
Paul Marshall
Percussive Artist, Sound Artist
NI Facilitator for the Da Capo Foundation