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OT: EMS Synthi 100 and Klaus Schulze

<<That was a Synthi 100. What a shame they binned
it - I would have taken it off their hands. The
BBC had the first one made and I had the
privelage of being taught on serial no 02 while
studying electronic music. Serial no 02 still

Yes, the Synthi 100! I remember seeing a photo of
one in a book once. The thing was HUGE!!! I seem
to recall reading that the BBC's counterpart in
what was at the time West Germany, also had one.
I seem to recall that Stockhausen did a lot of
his work during the early 70's on it. 

And yeah, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop did come
up with some amazing music. Anyone who doubts
this need only to watch pretty much any Jon
Pertwee era Dr. Who episode. :-) 

Speaking of synthesizers, I just got Klaus
Schulze's X today in the mail. GREAT album! It
always amazes me at how much music Klaus fit onto
his albums, even back in the 70's (this one is a
double CD and each disc is nearly an hour long,

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