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RE: Collaboration in music (response to RandomLFO)

  Miko, regarding the hum using the mic and sound card, it's possible that
it might be a ground loop or interference being induced into the mic,
cable, or sound card itself.   
  There are a number of ways of dealing with all of these, and also quite a
few very knowledgable people here.  
  Regarding the idea of a ground loop, -where are all of your computer's
peripherals and the system itself plugged into for power?   Are they in a
power strip?   Are they in separate outlets?   Do you have more than one
power strip?  
  Regarding interference, Where are your cables positioned?, -both power
and audio?...  
  What type and brand of mic do you have?  What peripherals do you have?
Is your sound card a stand-alone card or mounted on your computer's
motherboard?  Does it have a separate section physically disconnected from
the card save any cables of course, where you can plug things into, such as
mics or line ins or other audio sources?  
  I bet we can figure this all out.   Hums can be really annoying when ya
want quiet.   lol!   Have a great evening...  



  At 01:16 PM 11/11/02 -0800, you wrote:
>   nope, not  hurt.      LOL     LOL- yes,  in the past I got pre-amp
>advice but I'm hoping to hear about simply using a  better sound card... 
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>>Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 12:48    PM
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>>     Hello. Actually I    did hesitate on the "Check your meds" comment.
>>I only included it in an    attempt at a kind of tongue and cheek HELLO,
>>WAKE-UP! I did not intend to    hurt. Miko actually made a reference to
>>being medicated in a previous email.    In saying that, I am also have to
>>admit that it is a potentailly unhurtful    comment. Miko, If you have
>>been hurt by this particular comment, I do    apologize. Also remember
>>this the next time you call people Moron's and    Fascists.
>>     Curiously enough, I really wasn't sure    how to take Miko's post.
>>There certainly is some thought provoking content in    it, but there is
>>also some very blatant BS. I actually do not feel frustrated    by Miko's
>>comments. I'm just still figuring out how to take them. To be    honest,
>>I was actually laughing out loud by the time I signed-off. I wasn't   
>>laughing a vicious laugh at Miko, I was just simply laughing for the sake
>>of    laughing. I was also laughing at myself for somehow getting caught
>>up in the    whole thing. 
>>     We have to remember that we can't    chose who is on this list
>>anymore than we can chose our family. Some of us    will be mad at others
>>sometimes, that's just the way it goes. None of us,    including me,
>>should strive to be hurtful though. I think that is where we    need to
>>draw the line. On to more Loop content...
>>        Marc
>>PS: thanks for your "opinion" CQ.
>>In a message dated 11/11/2002 5:30:22 AM    Eastern Standard Time,
>>thefates@earthlink.net writes:
>>     Marc, I enjoy reading your posts quite alot, but need to     
>>respond in the
>>    posting many
>>off-topic posts of late, and this one at      least to me is quite
>>on-topic, and
>>    -Regardless
>> <>   to me at least, it's      sort of like dis'ing someone when they're
>>  I also think the      Check your meds comment is unfair, insulting and
>>and maybe not the      best or most polite way of showing your
>>frustration, not
>>          -Miko
>>has afterall, mentioned this, apologized for OT posts, and was      
>ready to
>>  These are obviously just my opinions, but I      for one really enjoyed


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