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Re: Finally loving my Repeater :)

Right.  I felt the same way when I got the Repeater.  I was used to the
JamMan but after I realized how to use the Repeater for what it was, and 
what it wasn't, I too loved it.  I did the same thing with the EDP.  When I
first got it I didn't like it because of what it wasn't.  Expectation is a
dangerous thing. (note to self: become more enlightened.)  The truth is, if
you're musical, you'll make music.  With a DL4, EDP, Repeater, or with a
Digital Watch.  (HI RICK WALKER)  The key is to stop not doing it.

Mark Sottilaro

> --- Stuart Wyatt <loopers-delight@solostring.com> wrote:
> > I spent the best part of the day installing a new studio at home, and I
> > have finally fallen completely in love with the Repeater.
> .
> .
> > As soon as I stopped thinking about the music in the same was as I did
> > with the DL4, then everything started to work.... :)
> Interesting. What was the perspective change that got you there?
> Greg