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Re: digitech rds triggering solutions? = midi to din sync

>From my understanding of what you want to do, you need what is commonly
referrred to as a midi to din sync converter or trigger. 

You don't really need a midi to cv converter (though some will generate
a trigger driven by the midi clock).  Midi to cv converters will cost
more than just a sync converter due to the circuitry for generating the
cv(s) from note on/off and continuous controller information.

If you want to convert the midi clock to a 5 volt pulse, here are some
ways to do this:

I have not used any of these circuits/designs, so I can't speak to
whether they work at all, or how well.  The blacet chip looks
interesting, cheap, and rather easy to use.  They show a schematic with
a divide by feature to generate the number of triggers per measure that
you want.

The kenton pro solo can do this conversion also:
I have used the pro solo to trigger moog synths from the midi clock .
The pro solo also has a divide by feature to choose how many beats per
measure it delivers to the sync trigger.  Midi clock produces 24 pulses
per quarter note.  The pro solo allows dividing this by as much as 24,
or as little as 2.  The pro solo can also be configured to emit either
positive going or negative going pulse.  Moogs require negative going
pulse (s trigger, or shorting trigger).  You say you need positive
going pulse.  The pro solo can do this.

A fellow on ebay is selling many different midi to pulse sync
converters like this one:

Here is a list of his stuff at ebay:

If that link doesn't work because of the way it is split in this email
just search for seller sync_din at ebay.  I am not endorsing this
seller nor his products.  I have NOT done business with him.  He could
probably answer your questions about what would work in your situation,
and maybe make something specific to your needs.  

Hope this helps.

--- Leander Reininghaus <l.reininghaus@editionrahe.de> wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> with search: "midi to 5v pulse" I found ( among others ) the
> following link in Google, which might be interesting:
> http://www.synthesizers.com/q104.html
> cheers again
> leander
>   hello. 
>   I've searched everywhere for an answer to this Digitech RDS setup
> question.
>   I have an alesis SR-16 midi drum machine which I would like to use
> to
>   sync/trigger the following loopers:
>   (3) Digitech RDS 8000 delay/samplers
>   (2) Digitech RDS 7.6 delay/samplers
>   (1) Digitech PDS 8000 delay/sampler
>   from what i understand the devices use a +5volt input to
> trigger/sync. is
>   there a" midi to a +5 volt pulse" converter that can read midi info
> from my
>   Alesis SR-16. 
>   Let me know if you know of any product/products that can tackle
> these
>   duties. I'd love to have 6-8 triggers for expansion and flexibilty.
> I'm also
>   curious to know what the rest of you are using to trigger these
> older RDS
>   devices with? any suggestions? pitfalls? triumphs?
>   For my live thing I would like some devices triggered at an 16
> count, some
>   at 8 counts, and some at 4 count.
>   thanks
>   adam

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