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Re: how reviewer got album?

Oh, OK.  Well, then I guess if I were you I'd be thankful I got *some*
response.  I imagine most of CDs, that are sent out unsolicited, probably 
hit a CD player.  Unfortunate.  I'd try to filter out the venom, use what 
can to make the next CD even better.  I say this because from the reviewer
seemed to understand the genera of music you were doing but he mostly had
technical issues, and not stylistic issues.  Forget the Indie Bible.  
Spend the
time honing your craft, and then figure out the business stuff.

Good luck,

Mark Sottilaro

Scott Hansen wrote:

> mark-
> i sent the reviewer a copy of my album (i actually sent out probably 
> 40 copies to various "independant magazines and online sources").
> i should probably read the "indie bible" or something, but i read some
> source that said that major labels to promote new albums send out between
> 300-500 copies to reviewers/radio stations. i figured, i'd try to send
> out a few and see what happens. it's been an experience....
> s---
> >My I ask a question?  How did this reviewer come to review this
> >album?  I'm sure
> >he wasn't just doing it for fun.  He was getting paid in some way.  No? 
> You
> >can't treat a review like this like comments made on a list such as 
> >Totally different.
> >
> >Mark
> --