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Re: Boss RC 20 vs. Electrix Repeater

Chiming in with my $0.02 worth...the Looper Construction Kit also provides
an Undo which sounds very similar to the EDP (though it works differently
internally) as well as a Redo that undoes the undo.  You can also perform 
Insert into a loop similar to the EDP's Insert.

Dennis Leas

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> At 2:05 PM -0600 12/6/02, Stendek wrote:
> >So say I am on stage, I lay down a loop, it sounds good. Then I overdub
> >something on top of it, but it turns into a mistake. Is it possible to
> >remove this mistake while the loop is still playing?
> As long as you've recorded it into another track, yes.
> It's worth noting that the Echoplex can also do this with its undo
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