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Re: Boss RC 20 vs. Electrix Repeater

Repeater's Undo completely erases the most recent overdub, and if you know
it's going to be a mistake, you can get rid of it before it comes back at
ya.  (It also can then Redo)  You can end Overdub this way, and the loop
plays on, as if nothing happened, except that you are no longer in Record
Mode.  So, you don't necessarily have to go to another Track to overdub
safely...however, if you have recorded onto another track, and decide you
don't like a layer on another track, you are out of luck!  You can also mix
tracks, then erase the track that you no longer need.  In addition, you can
copy a loop to another location, go there, work/destroy whatever, then
return to the original loop.  Again, this can all be done on the fly, loop
still running.


> >So say I am on stage, I lay down a loop, it sounds good. Then I overdub
> >something on top of it, but it turns into a mistake. Is it possible to
> >remove this mistake while the loop is still playing?
> As long as you've recorded it into another track, yes.
> It's worth noting that the Echoplex can also do this with its undo
> -C