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roland\digitech customer service (once "Re: Digitech Gnx3 (electrix repeater still needed!)")

Mark wrote:
>  I called Roland customer service.  For customer service I thought they
were great.

Well, i don't understand the aim of your affermation, if it was to
comunicate your personal fortunate experience or to affirm they ARE, always
so kind. That they are NOT always so kind is a fact, you can ask, Goddard
say its experience too, you can go on harmony central and check users
opinions, also on rolandus site there is a recent post on the message board
titled "boss sp-505 and less than poor customer service", i know because i
posted two post asking help and never got an answer.
Anyway I have to admit to have mistaken to say "they ARE orrible" instead 
WERE orrible" with me, or with lot of people. Generally all what i say is 
be intended as with a understood (or implied?) "generally", but in this 
it was not clear.
Personally i found out these general rules: by phone they are better than 
mail or message board (it's just a pity, or maybe"the reason why", the fact
that a phone call to roland tecnical service, at least in italy, costs 1.5$
per minute...) . And, also, rule number two,
if you are not someone who
already own one of
their instrument but you are someone who would like to understand if one of
their instrument is good for you before to purchase it (roland doesn't 
manual's downolad.
How can someone who lives in a place that is not new york, a place where 
can't find particular instruments already in a shop to try them, but you
to order them and to pay them without never have tried them, well, how can
this unfortunate person to find out if an instrument is good for him?) and
if you write by mail, roland and digitech don't use to answer or answer 
few word, cold word,
telegrafic words, definitively NOT esaustive words, that leave you , i
translate litterally from italian, "more confused than persuaded", as if 
bore them, if
they have better things to do (i
don't write to the president, but to customer service, they should have NOT
something better to do. They could have something else to do, but 
i think that customere service can't
be bad only because thy have got lot of questions from lot of people. They
have got lot of
money too. They should adopt a economic politic that allow them to grown in
yoga -yoga mean unity of all the componet parts- so not to grown only in
but also in taking care of people to whom they sold as also of people to
they could sell, by, for example, putting more people, and more warm and
patient people, to answer to phone calls and mails) as if humanity and
warmness is not a part of
professionality. Look at how warm human and funny while also clear is
electrix repeater manual, and how they answer on the message
board, you will find out how professionality meet kindness, warmness,
humanity, sense of humor. Similar for line6, for that few i saw.
Maybe i am wrong, i mistook all, but i always thought to live on planet
Earth, not on Vulcano (do you remember spok from star treck, the man all
logic no feelings no emotions?), and i think that you can NOT and you must
not separe emotions from logic. Roland and many others (as bigger they are,
as powerful and sure of their future on the marked they are, as more they
are cold and unfriendly, generally!) seem to be a machine who just produce
and sell
instruments, and nobody know their emotive aim, their e-motivations, if 
have got one. They should do it because they love music and musicians, and
thay wnat to give musicians a better life. But for how thyact i think their
only motivation is just money. And i never
trust people who think in terms of money, people to whom i am "customer
number tot", and not Sergio Girardi, born on 1\6\76 on Palermo, Italy, with
dreams, passions, desires. These people could do bad things, potentially.
They could not do them, but they could. Why for example should someone not
to give to people a free pdf  downloadable manual if not to hide product
Anyway, to return to the theme, yes, if you don't own one of their
instrument, you'll get no answer or a not-at-all-esaustive cold telegrafic
answer. If you call i don't know, i wouldn't call in america, for money and
because i write english decently only because i do it slowly and with my
dictionary. And in italy both if you own an instrument or if you don't you
must call a pay number, and pay more or less 1.5$ each minute...
You can write, i did it several times, both for a problem on my new rc-20
and for asking questions on other products. I NEVER got any kind of answer,
nor for the product i own nor for the products i don't own.
Lately what made me loose tractatives with the first of the two guys who 
to sell me
a repeater and the changed idea without advertising me was that i wanted to
understand if i could have done all what i
need with a roland-boss groove machine, or if these machine's looping
ability is not as real time and imediate as dedicated loopers is, and so i
called the dealer where i bought rc-20, i "bribed" him (or i moved him by
arousing pity), he gave me the telephone number of my region's roland
distributor, i bribed him, he gave me his mail address, i sended him a mail
and he forwarded it to
roland italy tecnicians (sicilian people are warm...). Well, to my 35
precise questions they answered "it
is impossible to answer to your question esaustively, bla bla bla" and they
answered to any of my question inviting me to check on their site, as if i
am a stupid who don't do this before to "desturb" them.
Now i downloaded gnx3 manual, i needed to know something, i wrote to
digitech and i've got
criptic answer. I wrote again, they wrote me in a very cold, very short,
quite angry way.
No kind of "dear Sergio" even if false, no kind of "cordial greetings" (in
italy we say so. My dictionary says you say "Yours Truely", but it  sounds
to me as too much for a tecnician).
These are my personal experiences.
>From harmony central i saw they are connfirmed by many people. With a
difference between roland and digitech: about roland many users say that
they are not kind and often not useful nor professional even by phone. Many
say they had no problems too. About digitech the most or quite all say that
by phone they were kind and helpfull.
So, or there are two persons, one that answer to phone one to mails, and
the one who answer to mail is payed less, or there is just one person who 
analfabet and is unable to write more than two word a time.
Or i have a problem with fortune in this period of my life...
Yours truely (i'm not a tecnician)