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"the perfect looper", an opinion poll...

opinion poll, how much i like my dictionary, eh eh eh...
Well, here's my pourpose (ouch! now i find that i always used "pourpose"
instead of "proposal", and that pourpose sounds similar to a kind of
It seems to me that each looper has got something that some other looper
miss and viceversa. As if all manufacturers had a summit (i already asid
this?) much time ago, and they said "well, lets put down a list of all the
features of a perfect looper", and then they draw lots a certain number of
them for each manufacturer, so that we have to get crazy to choose...
So, send me, privately, or in the list, a list, even long as you want, i'll
never be bored, of all the features, tecnicla spec, functions, modes,
possibilities that you would like to see all togeter on a perfect loop
I will compose all lists adding my personal desires (don't underestimate 
point of view of a non looper) and will put down the virtual perfect 
i will send a copy to you and a copy to all loopers manufacturer...