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[looper's] Re: Digitech Gnx3 (electrix repeater still needed!)

Jim Palmer wrote
> i just bought a gnx3 and as far as i can tell, the
> song length is always the length of track 1.

 Jim, i've fount out a thing that i don't understand in digitech site's 
-On the GNX-3, how can I record a track that is longer than the first track
I recorded? Or, how can I extend the length of an existing track?
-Digitech GNX3 submitted on 5/20/2002:
Enter the song setup menu of the song you are working on and press the 
button until you see AUTOSTOP appear in the display. Change the setting to
OFF. If you intend to record a second track longer than the first, or 
than any of the existing tracks, you will need to have the AUTOSTOP feature
turned off. After the longest track you intend to have has been recorded,
you can go back to the setup and turn AUTOSTOP back to the ON setting. The
GNX-3 will now automatically stop playback or loop at the end of the 
recorded track.

Jim, could You plaes check it out on Your gnx3?
It would be interesting to see if one can enter in multitrack mode (not the
jamman), to set "autostop" to OFF, "song repeat" to ON, and so record
something on track one, and play it back. It should play back continuesly
"as" a loop thanks to "song repeat ON", isn't it? Now, thanks to "autostop
OFF", for what digitech says on the faq above, one should be able to record
a longer sound on track two, while track one is playing back continuesly. I
don't care to overdub a longer sound on track one. It's enough for me if i
can record a longer sound on track two while track one is repeating, then i
could always do merge (better then an overdub since you can set up each
track volume level before merging, for what i understood). Because, from 
manual, it seems that, apart from if a longer sound or not, anyway one 
record on track two while track one is playbacking in repeat mode... Is it
so, or if you play back track one in repeat mode you can't record anymore?

Could You lease check it out Jim?
Let me know if my english didn't allowed You to understand exactely what i
I'm really anxious to see this...

Yours Truely