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Re: Controlling Repeater with fcb1010...

Hi Amleto!

> I see that nobody want to play to make a virtual perfect looper...
> Well...
> ;)
> Ok, i have a question...
> With a behringer fcb1010 midi foot controller i can do what i can do with
> digitech fs300 plus other things, or i would need both pedals?
> . . .

Others can give better advice for your Behringer/Digitech foot controller
question than I (since I don't have either).

But though your "what's the perfect looper" question might seem intriguing,
it borders on a religious issue among LD denizens.  It's rather like asking
"What's the best guitar?"  or "What's the best book?" or "What's the best
band?"  It's apt to produce more heat than light.

So it's probably good that we didn't get into it as we might have had to 
the asbestos suits before it was over.

I will, however, answer in a Zen-like fashion:

The "best looper" is whatever looper you enjoy using the most right now.
Tomorow may find you at the store again.

Dennis Leas