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Controlling Repeater with fcb1010...

Hi to You all...
I see that nobody want to play to make a virtual perfect looper...
Ok, i have a question...
With a behringer fcb1010 midi foot controller i can do what i can do with a
digitech fs300 plus other things, or i would need both pedals?
Also, is it possible with just one fcb1010 to control more midi units
separately, without having to divide pedal's button between these units (so
that, for example, if i have one unit i ca use all 10 buttons for that 
but if i put another one i will have 5 buttons for the first and 5 for the
second), nor having the two units to change at the same time?
I would like to have a possibility to control repeater, and then, pressing 
button, the midi controls of the pedals would affect only another unit and
not the repeater. So i have not to buy two fcb1010!
Thanks for answering...