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Re: [LOOP] Re: vst loop plugin

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, S.P. Goodman wrote:

> This brings up an item I caught at a trade show last year, a 
> server by Compaq that's less than an inch thick, but 2x3ft.  They're for
> rack boxes with their own fans, but I could figure out how to do this
> without spending Compaq's overblown price if I just had the time.  Then
> again, laptops are already in their own and for the most part seem to 
> solved a lot of the heat problems of the past.  But I'd still like to 
> a PC that'd hang off the back of my work area, with the only fan required
> being used by the power supply (if that's even necessary).  Theoretically
> it'd just need a dusting once in a while, London being what it is.
> Make THAT with Mac hardware - if you can even find the parts...


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