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Re: Mac G4 vs ibook/imac

On Tuesday, December 10, 2002, at 07:47 PM, Ritsu Katsumata wrote:

> And how does your ibook do?  Do you do all your writing/looping music 
> making on the ibook as well as performing with it? 

I don't do any multi-track stuff on the ibook, just straight stereo 
mastering, but I find it flawless. I use it live for various projects 
using Ableton's Live at the same time as a virtual synth soundfont 
package... and I've rarely hit more than about 20% CPU.

However, there are times when I crave for a G4. Especially when using 
Reason, and desire rack after rack of virtual samplers.

My ibook is also the hub of my computer world. Its my mp3 player, DVD 
player, email system, web browser, home web server, web design 
system.... in fact, without it, I'd be seriously lost.

> I figured that the 1 GB Dual Proc with a reasonable monitor will cost 
> me about $850 more than the imac with the 17" screen, 800 MHz cpu and 
> 258 MB Ram.  Will the Dual Proc give me $850 worth of value?  Will an 
> imac be a lot of trouble?  I heard that a lot of the early imacs were 
> duds.

imacs are limited due to their lack of expansion internally (same I 
suppose as the ibook/Tibook)....

If you have the budget, I would seriously go for a tower G4. You can 
then allow multi-screens (with extra monitors/graphics cards), PCI 
sound cards etc. etc. And the processing power of a dual G4 unit would 
last you a very long time.

Laptops are great if you plan to do a lot of moving, or if you live in 
a small place like myself.

Its late. I'm rambling.... :)

Stuart Wyatt (Solo String Project) - http://SoloString.com