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[looper's] Re: fripp'n'frisell

I think what he does with that hand up there is bending the neck slightly 
give it a slight whammy, that creepy, ghostly wavering almost-out-of-tune
effect, accentuated when combined with a little delay like he's usually 
got.  I
can't imagine what it does for a guitar to have it's neck physically wrung 
the time, but he does seem to have a new guitar every few years...and I
wouldn't be surprised if he does have to work on tuning all the time too.

What I like best about his loops is that they're so integrated into his 
playing, he doesn't use them for accompaniment in the usual sense.  They're
just another effect that's combined with his playing.

"Gone, Just Like a Train" is the cd I usually recommend to Frisell newbies.
It's very accessible song-wise, but full of his off-kilter approach.

Daryl Shawn

> funny thing about seeing him play - he spends a lot of time with one hand
> on the tuning machines, seems like he's constantly making minute
> adjustments of some kind or other. either the poor man has absolute pitch
> (i can only imagine what horror life must be for those who do) or
> "he-has-a-thing-he-does-that-makes-that-sound"