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Re: EDP weirdness

hmmmmm, it seems like i'm starting to remember a thread having to do with
"crystals" or something.  I just got loop IV in the mail but haven't
installed the chips yet.   you mean there was another part that came with
your eprom set?


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Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 1:06 PM
Subject: SV: EDP weirdness

> > Yeah, what's up with the reboot thing. also sometimes when
> > I'm powering up for the first time i need to turn the on
> > switch on and off over and over again for a loooong time.
> > however, once it's rolling for a while, it doesn't reboot or
> > any thing.
> >
> > lance
> I had exactly this problem when I bought my new EDP one year ago. Then
> when upgrading to LoopIV I got some new parts (think they were called
> "crystals") to replace some parts that were "bad on delivery". It might
> be that you got one of these EDPs with bad parts ("crystals"?). The fix
> is an easy one and I think there are people on this list that can advice
> you better on this matter :-)
> Best wishes
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