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FW: EDP weirdness

I had the same problem a few months ago and had some of the chips get
cleaned and it helped but now it's doing the weirdness again with it 
off and rebooting.
Who knows about this crystal thing?

Also any ideas on the static noise when in record mode????

-Arthur Lee

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From: Lance Chance [mailto:lrc8918@louisiana.edu]
Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2002 4:14 PM
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Subject: Re: EDP weirdness

hmmmmm, it seems like i'm starting to remember a thread having to do with
"crystals" or something.  I just got loop IV in the mail but haven't
installed the chips yet.   you mean there was another part that came with
your eprom set?


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From: "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se>
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Subject: SV: EDP weirdness

> > Yeah, what's up with the reboot thing. also sometimes when
> > I'm powering up for the first time i need to turn the on
> > switch on and off over and over again for a loooong time.
> > however, once it's rolling for a while, it doesn't reboot or
> > any thing.
> >
> > lance
> I had exactly this problem when I bought my new EDP one year ago. Then
> when upgrading to LoopIV I got some new parts (think they were called
> "crystals") to replace some parts that were "bad on delivery". It might
> be that you got one of these EDPs with bad parts ("crystals"?). The fix
> is an easy one and I think there are people on this list that can advice
> you better on this matter :-)
> Best wishes
> Per Boysen
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