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Re: FW: EDP weirdness

gack! that could mean weeks without my precious EDP!!!! a-gon-yyyy!
but i suppose that is probably best : (



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Sent: Friday, December 13, 2002 2:30 AM
Subject: Re: FW: EDP weirdness

> most likely you just have some broken solder joints somewhere - basic 
> and tear from moving gear around a lot.
> But the reality is, you can't possibly get a hardware problem evaluated
> fixed by asking on a mailing list about it. At best you will get random
> speculation that is more likely to waste your time by being completely
> wrong, since nobody can know what the problem is without looking into the
> unit. You need a skilled technician who is familiar with the product to
> in there with appropriate tools, figure out the problem, and fix it. In
> this case, that person would be Shane Radtke at Gibson. Give him a call
> get his help.
> kim
> At 03:14 PM 12/12/2002, ARTHUR LEE MUSIC wrote:
> >I had the same problem a few months ago and had some of the chips get
> >cleaned and it helped but now it's doing the weirdness again with it
> >off and rebooting.
> >Who knows about this crystal thing?
> >
> >Also any ideas on the static noise when in record mode????
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